[box] Peter Hagenaars.  Born in Bergen op Zoom on January 23th, 1939. Studies consist of high school and the college for arts at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Antwerp and Sint Niklaas (Belgium). Decided to leave the business world behind in 1993, after having worked in it as a commercial painter/illustrator for 35 years, to completely dedicate myself to the art of painting. The techniques I used are oil paint on canvas for landscapes, harbor views, portraits and still life. Finding the boundaries between figurative and non-figurative. I find the light to be the most important factor and my work has the shape and color to it. Recognition is not much of a factor, even with a portrait, but the pictorial quality is that much more important. A painting needs to refer to itself to begin with. The landscape or harbor views as a recognizable abstract with a spacious box game. I believe that you need to have been there, to feel and understand the atmosphere. This happens by doing sketches, mostly in aquarelle and of pictures I have made. Because of this an aquarelle will be more realistic and less abstract. Abstracting can easily be done inside the atelier. Within the atelier I feel more freedom to change things, put them to way I would like them to, as I get distracted to much by the things around me when I am outside. In the atelier you lost contact with the figurative and you need get your own imagination to do it for you. The world outside gives ideas and shapes but then you have the task of making them into an abstract form. Finding the boundary between figurative and non-figurative is my goal.[/box]

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