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The Artist’s Purpose

Giacometti, considered one of the greatest modern era sculptures, was born in Switzerland but moved to Paris to work where he met and worked with associates of Rodin and he was influenced by the Surrealism and Cubism. So many figurative artists, not just sculptors, have been influenced by Giacometti. He captured what the figures were doing gesturally by eliminating detail and without the need to use description in depicting the model which elevates the intensity of emotion and gesture. 

In recent years I was able to see two excellent exhibitions of his work. In 2018 I visited The Guggenheim Museum, NY to see a huge Giacometti exhibition of over 200 works. It was an incredible show. More recently in January 2024 I visited Fondation Luis Vuitton to see a retrospective of Mark Rothko’s work. Giacometti sculptures were placed in the room with Rothko’s in hues of black, white and gray. A beautiful pairing. 

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality
of the same intensity.”

~ Alberto Giacometti